Welcome to VLab!


The mosaic above features some Spelman students that have worked with me as research and/or teaching assistants under the umbrella of the virtual lab, VLab.  


All research assistants must obtain Institutional Review Board certification and conduct a wide range

of tasks including: 

literature reviews (e.g. journal articles and eye-tracking solutions) 

programming (e.g. surveys) 

data collection (e.g. field experiments) 

data analysis (mainly using Stata

preparing (poster) presentations 

traveling to the field to collect data 

and presenting at/attending conferences (including Spelman Research Day).  


Student assistants evaluate their experiences using this anonymous survey.

I periodically also tweet about research assistant experiences.

Interested in working with me at VLab?

Read this document and watch this video first.  Then, contact me here or here for more info.


Pre-college or in college?

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Wondering about or going to grad school?  

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Applying to grad school? kudamatsu, nsf grfp, gasman, leadership alliance (la)

Going to grad school?  siegel's math camp 

Participate in programs such as spelman-sloanaea stp, la, icpsrharvardphd excellence, stanford 

Look at conferences/initiatives such as sadie collective, williams, berkeley, cornell 

Consider research assistantships at places such as fed, brookings, ifpri, urbanalso see 

Already have a Ph.D. in econ or plan to soon?  

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Other resources (across the board)

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