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Goldman Sachs-Urban Institute One Million Black Women Research Partnership, 2022, $18,847

"Black Women's Retirement Preparedness and Wealth" (Brief)

NSF Award No. 2127199, 2021-24, $632,515 (Spelman portion)

Build and Broaden

"Collaborative Research: The Effects of Information, Mentoring and Time on Economic Faculty at MSIs"

with Danielle Dickens and James Poterba

NSF Announcement (Website, Twitter)

Spelman Announcement (Linkedin, Twitter)

Viceisza (Linkedin, Twitter)

Project Website at NBER

NSF Award No. 2100261, 2021-24, $74,949

Excellence in Research

"Excellence in Research: The impact of cash transfers on remittances"

Social Security Administration via NBER's Retirement and Disability Research Center, 2021-22, $119,749

"Retirement Preparedness and Impacts of Outreach by Race/Ethnicity: A Review"

NSF Award No. 1832144, 2018-22, $247,860 (Spelman portion, includes supplement)

Excellence in Research, Economics, HRD

"Excellence in Research: The impact of online comparison websites on the remittance industry"

with Daniel Xu

AEA registry and Pre-analysis plan

NSF Award No. 1664383, 2017-20, $135,720 (Spelman portion)

SoS:DCI (previously SciSIP, Science of Science and Innovation Policy)

"Media influences on entrepreneurship and innovation"

with David Robinson 


Spelman Connection

NPR Academic Minute

NBER Conference

Research Day 2018

Research Day 2019

NSF Award No. 1649921, 2016-20, $239,646 (includes supplement)

EAGER, Economics, HRD

"Using eye tracking to study migrant remittances and its welfare implications"

with Eduardo Nakasone and Máximo Torero

NSF Project Outcomes Report (search for federal award ID 1649921)

AEA registry and Pre-analysis plan (see papers)

Research Day 2018

Research Day 2019

UC San Diego 2019

Department of Education, 2015-20, $2.7 million

First in the World


"Metacognitive Awareness and Academic Performance" 

with colleagues from Spelman 

my role: Experimental economist

Project website

FitW Final Conference

AEA registry and Pre-Analysis plan

University of Chicago Summer Institute on Field Experiments Award, 2017-18, $2,857

"An experiment on framing and referrals to boost impact investing" 

with Emilia Tjernström

in collaboration with VestedWorld

Featured in Spelman Connection

NSF Award No. 1747941, 2017-18, $2,129 (Spelman portion)


"A Workshop for Broadening Participation in the Economics Profession: Proposal Writing and Grants Management"

with Kaye Husbands Fealing

Project website

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