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Development and/or Social Norms

Cheap Talk and Coordination in the Lab and in the Field:
ve Commercialization in Senegal 

With Kodjo Aflagah and  Tanguy Bernard
Journal of Development Economics 154, 102751

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Competition and Prosociality:
A Lab-in-the-field Experiment in Ghana

With Kerstin Grosch and Marcela Ibañez 
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 99, 101887

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Introduction to Special Issue on
“Social Justice in Agricultural and Environmental Economics"

With Miesha Williams
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 50 (3), 395-400

Building Trust in Rural Producer Organizations:
Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial 

With Tanguy Bernard, Pia Dänzer, Markus Frölich, 
Andreas Landmann, and Fleur Wouterse
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 50 (3), 465-484

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Potential Collusion and Trust: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Vietnam
With Máximo Torero
African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 11 (1), 22-32

Lost in the Mail: A field Experiment on Crime 
With Marco Castillo, Ragan A. Petrie, and Máximo Torero   
Economic Inquiry 52 (1), 285-303  

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Contract Farming and Smallholder Incentives to Produce High Quality:
Experimental Evidence from the Vietnamese Dairy Sector

With Christoph Sänger, Matin Qaim, and Máximo Torero
Agricultural Economics 44 (3), 297-308

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Breaking the Norm:
An Empirical Investigation into the Unraveling of Good Behavior 

With Ruth Vargas Hill and Eduardo Maruyama
Journal of Development Economics 99 (1), 150-162

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A Field Experiment on the Impact of Weather Shocks and Insurance on
Risky Inv

With Ruth Vargas Hill
Experimental Economics 15 (2), 341-371 

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