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Reports, Briefs, and Other

Let's See Far by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: National Economic Association (NEA) Presidential Address

Review of Black Political Economy 51 (1)


Watch the video.

Black Women’s Retirement Preparedness and Wealth

Washington, DC: Urban Institute


Visit the One Million Black Women project page

The Potential Impacts of Interchange Regulation on the U.S. Credit Card Industry

Atlanta, GA: Report Commissioned by Mastercard


Read the op-ed.

Poverty and malnutrition in Haiti

With Kodjo Aflagah, Atabanam Simbou, Dixita Gupta, and Kodjo Koudakpo. 

Washington, D.C.: USAID-RTAC


Poverty and malnutrition in Zimbabwe

With Kodjo Aflagah, Jala Abner, and Kerlisha Hippolyte

Washington, D.C.: USAID-RTAC


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